The crisis of confidence of the French could do the business of Marine Le Pen

A weary and suspicious France: this is shown by the study published Monday, February 22 by Cevipof. And what is most alarming, believes this German daily, is the approval that the positions defended by the National Rally are now winning.

The French are wary, and the health crisis does not help. Here is the main conclusion that the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung formula on reading the barometer of political confidence that Cevipof (Sciences-Po) published on February 22.

Among the data collected by the institute, the following figures struck the German daily: 65% of French people consider their politicians to be corrupt. By comparison, 42% of Germans hold this view of their political staff. The study also estimates that 55% of French people criticize the democratic functioning of their country, against 32% of Germans. The French are 44% to want the country to protect itself more from today’s world, and only 45% to think that membership of the European Union is a good thing. Finally, for 62%, Islam is a threat to the Republic.

Ethical and moral renewal has failed

Data which reveal, in short, such mistrust of the political world that the German daily finds them



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