The custom of offering super cars for good luck of the rich in Taiwan

While the Vietnamese organize new car offerings at home, the rich in Taiwan (China) have more spectacular new car offerings, especially for expensive supercars.

At the beginning of February, a “praying for super cars” ceremony took place at Nan Tian Temple, Taichung, Taiwan (China) with the presence of many expensive supercars.

This is actually a new car worship ceremony of the Taiwanese with the purpose of praying for peace every time you drive on the road.

In fact, Nam Thien temple has long been famous as a place for new car offerings and good luck for vehicles. The rich in Taiwan also often bring super cars and luxury cars to pray here.

Super cars with a total value of up to $ 6.6 million (Photo: Yahoo)

At the ceremony taking place in early February, there were 12 expensive supercars including Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, Ferrari, etc., waiting for the ceremony to be performed with a total estimated value of up to 6.6 million USD. .

Car owners wish for peace and safety while driving (Photo: Yahoo)

The ceremony of praying for good luck will start from the front of the car. Owners of these supercars will open the entire car door as well as the trunk. The shaman at the temple will then hold an object called “golden fortune” and heat it from front to back.

These good luck ceremonies have become a feature of Nam Thien Temple (Photo: Yahoo)

The ceremony to pray for this super car has attracted a lot of attention from the online community. Many people expressed great interest in this one-of-a-kind ceremony. However, besides that, there are also opinions that the safety of the people in the car depends on the knowledge, skills and experience of the driver, not the above spiritual factors.

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