The daughter-in-law’s relative, “Brother Moo,” countered who would kill his parents: PPTVHD36

The commander reveals that he is waiting for the results from the evidence collection collected from the crime scene according to the search warrant where “Hia Moo” claimed to have been attacked.

There was a revelation from a 61-year-old man who was a relative of Hia Moo’s daughter-in-law, who stated that the family had to take care of it because both of them had Alzheimer’s disease, forgetfulness, and hired a good caregiver. which Hia Moo used to walk out of the house and stray to the Bang Pakong Dam Until almost falling into the water causing the area to be quarantined in order not to harm the parents

Such relatives believe that Both of them definitely shouldn’t think of hurting Hia Moo and his wife. If it really hurts, why is Hia Moo still alive and comes back to report her son and daughter-in-law?

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I would like to wait for my son and daughter-in-law to come back from abroad first and tell the truth. who would like to hear from both sides Because this family is good-hearted. not likely to be mean-spirited

Maj. Gen. Naravit Sukonthawit, Chachoengsao Provincial Police Commander, said that this morning, he asked the investigator to take Hia Moo to examine the body and examine the wound as evidence. Ready to issue a summons for more than 10 witnesses to give additional testimony

However, it was not possible to identify the people in the house as to how they were involved and linked to the case. and wants his son and daughter-in-law to come out and speak or explain to the police or the press what the facts are

As for the evidence that has been examined at the scene of the accident, claiming to be the detention point, it must wait for 1-2 days for results, and there are other evidence that takes time to examine.

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