The deadline for applications 2024-04-06 05:59:34

Beneficiaries and amounts

The object of the program is the granting of a financial facility, following a relevant electronic application of the beneficiaries and selection by lottery as follows:

An amount of 200 euros to natural persons who meet the conditions set out in the program’s General Terms and Conditions.

Amount of 300 euros to natural persons:

unmarried or widowed with dependent children,

married or cohabiting parties with three or more protected children,

Pensioners of all Funds with a final decision to award a pension due to old age until 31.12.2022,

An amount of four hundred (€400) euros, specifically for PWDs, with a valid Decision of a total disability rate of 67% or more at the time of submitting the application, as well as for lucky beneficiaries with disabled children with a valid Decision of a total disability rate of 67% or more by the submission of the application.

In the case of a beneficiary who meets the conditions of more than one of the above categories, the application is classified in the category with the maximum subsidy amount.

The above amounts concern exclusively the beneficiary and do not increase in case of dependent members.

The amount of the aid is credited to an immaterial digital debit card, valid until 31.12.2024, which can be used by the beneficiaries to stay in any hotel or accommodation in the country they choose in one go or in installments.

For more information, those interested can call the Public Service department 210-2150231, from Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00.

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