“Upset” the head of the information about 2024-04-06 06:01:29

“I am deeply disturbed by reports that the Israeli military’s bombing campaign includes artificial intelligence as a targeting tool, particularly in densely populated urban areas, leading to a large number of civilian casualties,” Antonio Guterres said in a statement. journalists.

None of the “life-or-death decisions that impact entire families should be left to the cold calculation of algorithms,” he stressed.

An investigation published by +972 Magazine and Local Call, and reproduced by several US media this week, describes the existence of an Israeli military program called “Lavender” that uses artificial intelligence to determine targets in Gaza , with a certain margin of error.

“I have been warning for years about the dangers of turning artificial intelligence into a weapon and limiting the necessary role of human intervention,” Antonio Guterres underlined.

“AI should be used as a force for good, for the benefit of the world and not to contribute to war on an industrial level, obscuring responsibility,” he added.

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