The decline in poultry prices in the market after the increase in supply

witnessed Poultry prices A decrease in the markets, as the price of a kilo of white poultry reached 35 pounds for the consumer, after the increase in the supply in the markets against the background of resolving the fodder crisis in the ports..

Dr. Muhammad Al-Qirsh, a spokesman for the Ministry of Agriculture, said that the state is very interested in providing livestock, and several meetings have been held with the Federation of Poultry Producers, and shipments of corn and soy are constantly being released, explaining that the price of poultry and table eggs is witnessing a decline in the markets..

During the past week, 120,000 tons of corn and soybeans, worth about $62 million, were released. The release included 79,000 tons of corn, about $28 million, and about 41,000 tons of soybeans, worth about $29 million, as well as feed additives worth about $4 million. The total that was released during the period from (October 16 to November 24, 2022) 876 thousand tons, including 611 thousand tons of corn, 265 thousand tons of soybeans and feed additives, with a total amount of $ 432 million.

The release aims to provide quantities in the market of corn and soy, which are the basic ingredients for poultry feed as well as farm animals.

The Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, Mr. El-Koseir, confirmed that there is continuous follow-up and full coordination with the Central Bank and the Poultry Federation for the periodic release of corn, soybeans, raw materials and feed additives from Egyptian ports..

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