the Democratic Alliance praises the good management of its cities

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More than a week before the local elections of November 1 in South Africa, in the 278 municipalities of the country. In the previous election in 2016, the Democratic Alliance (DA) party had created a surprise by recovering three large cities from the ANC, the party in power, including the economic lung, Johannesburg, since lost to the benefit of the ANC. Objective therefore reconquest for the first opposition party which organized its last national rally yesterday in Johannesburg.

With our correspondent in Johannesburg, Romain Song

The victories, historic certainly, at 2016 local elections left a taste of too little in the mouths of Democratic Alliance activists. The absence of a majority sometimes preventing one from governing at 100%.

« The Democratic Alliance ruled Johannesburg from 2016 to 2019 and we have seen improvements in basic services thanks to our investments in infrastructure, but since the ANC took over power the city has been neglected. »

The Democratic Alliance is campaigning on the same themes as its competitors: ensuring access to basic services. The party wants to convince that a city under his leadership is a better managed city.

« Communities are suffering from water and electricity cuts, pipes flowing in the streets and they despair of seeing any change … We control around 10% of municipalities including Cape Town and these municipalities are the ones that are the better managed Says Cilliers Brink, a party spokesman.

The Democratic Alliance campaign was above all marked by a lively controversy linked to a provocative poster campaign in a sensitive neighborhood on the outskirts of Durban. A misstep that could cost the party dearly.


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