The developers of Atomic Heart spoke about the strengths of the game, the game director’s favorite build and plans for DLC

The IGN channel published a video in which, under a peppy gameplay cut Atomic Heart the answers of the developers from the Mundfish studio to the questions sent by the journalists were read out.

  • Melee allows you to accumulate energy, which can then be used to fire some special guns. Melee weapons also often have unique tokens and provide benefits that the player does not get from ranged combat.

  • There are classic three levels of difficulty: history, medium and hard. The choice depends on the preferences of a particular person, and the developers do not lean towards any of them.

  • Enemies can be poured with fire, frozen and electricity passed through them. There is also an additional element, a polymer, after applying which the enemy will be especially vulnerable to the next attack of any other element. Fire cannot be used with skills, but can be used through the weapon’s special properties.

  • Stealth fans will be able to do the same in Atomic Heart: the game will provide tools and opportunities to avoid unnecessary collisions, and at the right time to attack on your own terms. However, it is impossible to go completely on stealth, one way or another, but you will have to fight the robots.

  • The developers really enjoyed working with Mick Gordon, and his compositions perfectly set the mood of the game. However, in addition to them, it includes many other compositions. The combination of Soviet-style pop and brutal, vibey Doom music should create interesting contrasts.

  • There is only one car model that can be driven in the game. Perhaps more modes of transport will appear in the DLC, but this is more for fun and reducing travel time, the game itself is still about something else.

  • The game world is quite large, but still it can not be called completely open. The developers tried to make it so that the players explored it gradually and according to the plot.

  • The developers promise an extremely interesting story, revealed both through dialogues and cutscenes, and through the environment. They consider the storytelling to be the game’s strongest point.

  • Players themselves will be able to build for themselves the right balance between history, combat and puzzles – thanks to the open world.

  • The game director’s favorite build is telekinesis and polymer bomb skills combined with a flying blade and an electric gun. Other developers use completely different approaches to the passage, so that everyone can pick up something for themselves.

Atomic Heart — is a first-person action game set in an alternate Soviet era, featuring killer robots, clown-themed torture chambers, and old women trapped in molecular slime.

Atomic Heart Releases February 21st for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series. On the territory of Russia and the CIS countries, the game will be released exclusively on the VK Play site. At launch, the title will also appear on Xbox Game Pass, but not in the Russian region – to access, you will have to change the region in the console settings.

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