The director of the new “Romeo and Juliet” banned criticism of the black Juliet

Tom Holland’s production of Romeo and Juliet has already become the subject of intense criticism on the Internet. The Jamie Lloyd Company has released a statement supporting the casting of actress Francesca Amewuda-Rivers after many began to protest that a black actress was cast in the role of Juliet.

“Since the announcement of the cast of Romeo and Juliet, there has been an onslaught of racial abuse directed at a member of our team online. This must stop. We work with a wonderful group of artists and insist that they can work freely without facing online harassment. We will continue to support and protect everyone in our company at all costs. We will not tolerate any abuse. Our rehearsal room is full of joy, compassion and kindness. We celebrate the outstanding talent of our incredible members. The Romeo and Juliet troupe will continue to rehearse with love and will focus on creating our production,” Jamie Lloyd said in a statement.

Fans of “Romeo and Juliet” were outraged by the casting of a black actress

Potential viewers do not consider it creatively justified to invite a black actress to play the role of the heir to the medieval Italian Capulet family. Francesca Amewuda-Rivers herself said that she was “grateful for her West End debut” and dreams of “bringing fresh energy to this story.”

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2024-04-08 01:18:35

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