The discovery of the huge and large amount that Rahma Ahmed received, “Morbouha” in the series “Al-Kabeer Awi 6”, and surprisingly, Ahmed Makki’s wages!!

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According to many criteria and controls, the wages of male and female artists vary, especially the fan base of the hero of the artwork, the artist most attractive to the public, advertising companies, and the success of previous works.

Despite these facts, there are always stars who maintain their seats at the forefront of the most popular and highest paid audiences.

That is why the audience is often preoccupied with the wages of artists, as search engines indicate the highest viewed works, which have achieved success over others, due to the number of series shown in this month.

Therefore, the viewership rate rises, and advertising companies also flock to display their products and reveal their advantages, and thus, the comparison between the success of artists in business and the wages they received for these works increases.

The Egyptian artist, Ahmed Makki, received a wage of 18 million for the series “Al-Kabeer Oy 6”, while the rising artist Rahma Ahmed, “Morbouha”, received a wage of 4 million in the same series.

The artist Rahma Ahmed, in response to Al-Hadidi’s question about the feeling of fame among the masses, said that each work has pros and cons and differs from one artist to another.

She continued, “There is an actor who can accept people in the street because of fame in a large and normal way, and I am not against people’s love, but I cause great tension in the event of a large number of people.”

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