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[Epoch Times News May 31, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Di Rui compiled a report) Scientists already know that large galaxies and galaxy clusters in the universe are connected by gas or dust threads to form a pieceUniverse NetPrevious studies have used data from telescopes to draw many diagrams of the structure of the cosmic network.A new study suggests that it mayDark matterConstitute thisUniverse NetThe structure of the support, and launched the first dark matter bridge model diagram.

“The matter that makes up 80% of this universe isDark matterIt exists in the form of, and these dark matter form the scaffold of this large-scale structure called the “cosmic web”. “One of the main researchers, said Donghui Jeong, an astrophysicist at Pennsylvania State University in the United States.

“Because the cosmic web determines the mode of matter movement within and between galaxies, understanding the distribution of dark matter is the key to studying large-scale structures. However, the details of the structure of the cosmic web are unknown, because the main component in it-dark matter And the high-temperature intergalactic medium, both of which are difficult to detect.”

This study uses another method, inputting the existing distribution data of each galaxyartificial intelligenceThe system trained it into a dark matter distribution prediction model, and launched this dark matter bridge structure diagram.

According to the research, they used the data of about 17,000 galaxies within 650 million light-years of the Milky Way to train the system. Since the current technology cannot directly observe any dark matter, the accuracy of the dark matter distribution provided by this model cannot be confirmed from another angle. However, this is currently an innovative way to let people see a possible distribution pattern of dark matter. From the picture, we can see a lot of details that scientists didn’t know before.

For example, this picture clearly shows the Local Group including our Milky Way, the larger-scale Virgo Cluster, the famous M81 galaxy and other galaxy clusters, and the Local Void. )The relationship between. Scientists collectively refer to these large structures as the Local Sheet.

The Local Group of galaxies is a group of galaxies including the Milky Way, covering an area about 10 million light-years in diameter and containing at least 80 galaxies, most of which are dwarf galaxies. The Virgo galaxy cluster is more than 65 million light-years away from Earth and contains about 1,300 galaxies. The local hole is the almost empty space next to the local group of galaxies observed by scientists, and it is named after it.

In this picture, you can also see another Fornax Wall, which is rarely mentioned in other studies, and is connected to the local galaxy wall through a dark matter bridge. The Fornex Wall is also a celestial wall structure composed of a giant long strip of galaxy clusters, parallel to the Sculptor Wall and perpendicular to the Grus Wall.

The research was published in The Astrophysical Journal on May 26. ◇#

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