The disturbing video in which the OnlyFans model accused of killing her boyfriend attacks him in an elevator

Courtney Taylor, as she calls herself on social networks, was popular for the photos she shared through OnlyFans and has more than 2,000,000 followers on Instagram, but now she is also known for a serious murder accusation against her partner. The influencer was arrested in recent days by the authorities in Hawaii, after gathering the evidence that incriminated her for allegedly stabbing him in the kitchen of the apartment they shared in the One Paraiso condo in Edgewater, Florida.

“Violent and toxic for two years”This is how Katherine Fernández Rundle, state attorney for Miami-Dade County, described the relationship, after confirming the arrest of Courtney Clenney and the filing of criminal charges for being accused of second-degree murder with a deadly weapon against Christian Obumseli. “It should not have ended in a tragedy with Obumseli as a victim of domestic violence”, he added. The couple had separated on different occasions and even had a history of reports of violence in the police office.

SENSITIVE IMAGES. A video shows the influencer Courtney Clenney beating her boyfriend in an elevator

During the conference, the authorities presented a disturbing video where the 26-year-old model is seen hitting her partner repeatedly and violently inside an elevator in February. The arrest was the result of an investigation that took place over four months, after the murder reported on April 3 at 5:00 p.m. Since then, according to his defense, Courtney He was in treatment for narcotic use and post-traumatic disorder.

Meanwhile, Christian Obumseli’s family expects her to be convicted of the act as they defend him as a quiet man. “Toby grew up in a close-knit family with strong moral values,” they say. The influencer’s lawyer assures that it is a case of self-defense: “This was not a crime. Courtney is innocent, she acted in self-defense, and no charges should be brought against her. The Miami police will find that, in this case, the accusation against Clenney has no case”, assured Frank Prieto.

The lawyer commented that days before the event Courtney kicked Obumseli out of the apartment alleging domestic violence after two years in a relationship she described as “complicated.” This was not the first incident of violence involving them, the Miami-Dade authorities reported that the condominium staff had received numerous complaints about the fights in their apartment and had even started a process to evict them because the neighbors could hear their discussions up to two floors up.

Courtney Clenney and Christian Obumseli met in Texas in 2020 and since the beginning of this year they lived in an apartment in Miami, Florida

On the afternoon of that April 3, Courtney Clenney called 911 to report that her partner had stabbed himself. During the frantic call, alerted that the man was dying and was heard saying “I’m sorry, baby.” When police arrived at the condo, they found Toby covered in blood and Although he was transferred to a hospital to be treated, he died due to the perforation of the subclavian artery.

The influencer assures that the knife was thrown from a distance, but the expert tests determined how the weapon entered the body of her partner, she also said that she acted in self-defense, but They found no wounds on his body to prove it.

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