The driver who killed the cyclist in the Bosques de Palermo tested positive for drug use

José Carlos Olaya González, the driver who ran over five cyclists and murdered a woman, gave positive in the test that detects the presence of drug in your body. On the other hand, the breathalyzer test was negative.

In the first place, the murderer of Marcela Bimonte was subjected to a breathalyzer test that came back negative -although there was a large amount of alcohol in the car-, but then a test for drug use was carried out, the result of which was positive.

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Olaya González is detained along with the four accomplices who they helped him escape after running over the five cyclists. The man got out of the red Ford Focus and got into his friends’ truck, which She was arrested in the Buenos Aires town of Avellaneda.

While the driver is charged with manslaughter, while the accomplices for cover-up. One of the five victims, Marcela Bimonte, He died in the operation that was carried out at the Fernández hospital.

The new images of the moment in which the driver runs over the cyclists in Palermo

This morning a video was released about the crime he committed Jose Carlos Olaya Gonzalez, the driver who ran over five cyclists and killed one of them in the forests of Palermo.

The security cameras of the City Police show the moment in which Olaya González hits the cyclists. Then, the man got out of the vehicle calmly and fled walking towards the truck where the accomplices who helped him escape were.

New images were released of the moment in which a driver ran over five cyclists.

The images from the City Police cameras show how the Ford Focus, which according to the skills it was going at 120 kilometers per hour, leaves the asphalt at full speed and It hits the cyclists who were traveling on the bike path.


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