Yara died.. Details of the last moments in the life of the Tanta doctor and his downfall

09:29 PM

Saturday 07 January 2023

Gharbia – Marwa Shaheen:

A state of sadness dominated the people of the village of Samla, which is affiliated with the Qutour Center in Gharbia Governorate, today, Saturday, after the death of Dr. Yara Al-Sakka, an assistant lecturer in the Department of Cardiovascular and Vascular at Tanta University, who died at dawn today while working in a hospital after a sudden heart attack.

Dr. Mohamed Salem, a doctor at Tanta University Hospital, confirmed that the deceased had suffered a severe heart attack while doing her work, and her colleagues tried to treat her, but she died, indicating that she did not suffer from any diseases and was carrying out her work normally, until one of her colleagues was surprised that she suddenly fainted during The night shift inside the vascular department at the emergency hospital at Tanta University.

Her co-worker indicated that Dr. Yara El-Sakka, Class 55 of Tanta Medicine, was a diligent and distinguished doctor in her work and finished it. She discussed her master’s thesis in cardiovascular medicine, which aims to evaluate cases of primary interventional cardiac catheterization for those who received the anti-platelet drug Tyrofiban, and she was preparing to complete the course. PhD thesis in the same field.

Dr. Ahmed Ghoneim, Dean of the College, Chairman of the Board of Directors of University Hospitals, Vice Deans, Executive Director of Hospitals, Directors of University Hospitals, Faculty Members, Physicians, Nurses, and all College employees, in an official statement, offered their sincere condolences on the death of Dr. Yara Al-Sakka, Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Cardiovascular Diseases.

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The people of the village of Samla, in the Qutour Center, shared the body of Dr. Yara Al-Sakka, after the Asr prayer, from the Great Mosque in the village to her final resting place, amid a state of grief for the deceased.

Muhammad Salman, one of the neighbors of the deceased, indicated that she had good manners and was one of the distinguished girls in the village. Her father works as a doctor outside Egypt, and her father was her ideal, stressing that the village is in a state of shock after her departure, and her mother suffers from a severe collapse since hearing the news of her death.

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