the electric car that you won’t be able to buy

Renault’s new mobility brand has just presented its first model. The Limo is an electric sedan intended for VTC and taxi drivers.

Since the creation of the Mobilize brand, only three small urban quadricycles were born. His offer also includes a rental Dacia Spring, but a sedan was also expected.

It has finally arrived, and it becomes the first electric car to carry the Mobilize logo. This is the Limo, 4.67 meters long, intended for taxis and VTCs.

Its particularity is that it will not be available for purchase, but only through a subscription, in the form of packages and rentals. The young brand now officially presents it. It will be exhibited at IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich.

The Mobilize Limo is a model that comes out of the factories of the joint venture created by Renault Group and Jiangling Motors Group. Le Losange wanted to respond to an ever-increasing demand for urban vehicles for VTCs. According to the manufacturer, 70% of these drivers working in France are located in Île-de-France.

An ideal electric sedan for drivers and taxis

Part of the architecture of the Renault Megane electric, the Mobilize sedan offers a range of approximately 450 km thanks to a 60 kWh battery, in order to meet the use of most targeted professionals. The engine develops 110 kW, or 150 horsepower, and a torque of 220 Nm. Three driving modes – Eco, normal and sport – are available, as well as three levels of regeneration intensity during deceleration.

As for recharging, the Limo is compatible with the most common connectors. On a fast terminal, it can recover up to 250 km of autonomy in 40 minutes.

Its design is characterized by fluid lines and rather successful optics. Three colors come to garnish the catalog: black, gray and red. The machine sits on 17 inch rims.

Inside the Mobilize Limo stand two digital screens within a single banner. Dedicated to the instrumentation behind the steering wheel, the first measures 10.25 inches. The second is tactile, with a size of 12.3 ″ for multimedia. The trunk has a volume of 411 liters.

A la carte contracts and fleet management assistance

Renault will offer rental directly to drivers, but also to other passenger transport companies. Adaptable to the activity of each client, Mobilize’s offer includes a set of services.

Contract management will be the responsibility of RCI Bank and Services. They will be flexible on mileage and duration, like an LOA. For occasional drivers, a pay-as-you-go solution will be possible.

Finally, Mobilize will join forces with partner start-ups to help beneficiaries in the administration of their fleet. Thus, they will be able to optimize their operating costs and benefit from a set of solutions to improve the functioning of their business.

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