The famous blind astronomer predicts 7 shocking and imminent events.. that will shake the world in the New Year 2022.. Here are its frightening details.!!

Many different predictions are made by many in the new year 2022, and there are many famous clairvoyants around the world, including the famous blind clairvoyant “Baba Vanga”, who made their contribution.

The blind Bulgarian clairvoyant or “Baba Vanga”, her real name is Angelia Gushterova, became famous in the world because of her strange and correct predictions as well, as she was aware of the disintegration of the Soviet Union and the September 11 attack in 2001,

In addition to the Chernobyl disaster, her predictions reached 85%, and despite her death in 1996, about 25 years ago, her predictions of what would happen in the future still amaze everyone.

Astrologer Susan Taylor revealed the frightening events predicted by the blind divination in 2022, according to the Indian newspaper “lokmat”.

Blind Divination Predictions for 2022
Blind divination “Baba Vanga” revealed that in 2022 there will be many disasters that will cause the destruction of the planet:
Many Asian countries, along with Australia, will be hit by severe bouts of flooding.

The spaceships will attack Earth, bomb cities and take some of Earth’s inhabitants as captives. Many places will suffer water shortages, due to the increasing population and pollution of the rivers, and the world will witness a disaster in finding water sources.

The land will witness a severe attack of locusts for crops and agricultural lands, due to the high temperatures that will be about 50 degrees Celsius.

Due to the growing addiction to technology, many people will dangerously confuse fantasy with reality.

Among the most prominent blind divination predictions for 2022 is that humanity will be affected by severe famine due to climate change, and people will end up eating beetles, leaves or mud.

Scientists will discover a dangerous virus that will spread very quickly and lead to the death of humans and animals and the end of the planet.

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