The fattened contractors; People dying of worms: T. Padmanabhan

Kochi – Writer T. Padmanabhan said that it was the contractors who got fat in Brahmapuram. Successive rulers blame each other. The people of Brahmapuram are dying. Garbage treatment in Kerala means dumping. He said that the problem will not end if cultural leaders respond. Manorama News was responding to ‘Smoke City, Save Kochi’ Livethon. Padmanabhan.

‘I have traveled in India and outside India. I have never seen garbage like this anywhere. I notice this on trips. Both sides of highways in Kerala are garbage. Streams and rivers are filled with sewage and concrete waste. This condition can be seen only in Kerala. Before the second Pinarayi government came to power in Kerala, the editor of a leading newspaper asked me something. Write down five things that need immediate attention of the new government. One of the things I wrote about was the treatment of urban waste’ – T. Padmanabhan said.

English Summary: The writer T Padmanabhan says that the contractors were fattened in Brahmapuram

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