The film ‘Elfkinak’, based on the old Cologne legend, will be released

‘Elfkinak’ (Germany) will be shown in different cinemas in the Basque Country from Friday, through the Zinema Euskaraz program promoted by Zineuskadi. A total of twelve cinemas will premiere the film. Ute Von Münchow-Pohl is the director of the film.

The children’s animated film recreates the famous Cologne legend from more than 200 years ago. The story tells how elves have been living underground for over 200 years, hiding from the earthly world, and having no contact with humans. At one point, Elfie, Kipp, and Buck decide to climb to the surface. After many adventures, little Elfie will be friends with the baker Teo.

This is the first film to be released in 2021 as part of the Zinema Euskaraz program. With this, Zineuskadi will continue its commitment to revitalizing the Basque audiovisual sector.

The film will be released in the following cinemas: Principe (San Sebastián), Zugaza (Durango), Getxo, Gorbeia (Vitoria-Gasteiz), Niessen (Errenteria), Multicines 7 Bilbao and Golem Alhóndiga (Bilbao). On the weekend of January 23, the film will arrive at Gurea Cinema (Villabona). On the weekend of January 30, it will be presented at Areria Zinema (Lazkao), Bastero (Andoain), Zelai Arizti (Zumarraga) and Usurbe (Beasain), and in February at the Modelo Antzokia (Zarautz).

We will also be showing a number of films aimed at the general public in the coming months, among which we can already anticipate that the next film will be ‘Kranston Academy: Monster School’.



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