The film “You in My World” was released, and the fans’ attention continued to rise._TOM Entertainment

Recently, directed by director Liu Jinglove suspense movieyou in my world” has been set for the golden autumn file on September 16, and we will meet you soon! In order to better let the audience understand the behind-the-scenes story of the film, a group of behind-the-scenes filming footage and “Fate Wish”-themed posters have been officially released recently.

you in my world“In the latest poster exposed, it can be seen that the heroine Bai Yu and Wen Cen are blended together in warm and cold tones and seem to be one. Everyone who has a predestined relationship has a wish to express their love. I really hope that the two people who love each other can be together forever. The overall style of the poster gives people a cold and poignant feeling, which makes people endlessly reverie about this love.

The officially released behind-the-scenes filming highlights allow fans who have been paying attention to the film to better understand the interesting behind-the-scenes stories of the film. The footage shows us that director Liu Jing hopes to be a director with his own characteristics, as well as some insights into the filming , constantly challenged to try new things, and also shared some experiences with you, and liked to shoot some content with strong plot conflicts. As for the arrangement of the heroine’s role, due to various factors, she decided to play the role herself. From behind the scenes to the front of the stage, Liu Jing is rigorous and conscientious in his shooting work, and he must do his best over and over again, adhering to the spirit of striving for perfection both for himself and the team.

With superb interpretation and professional strength, director Liu Jing can only present a high-quality work to the audience, no matter how much thought and energy he spends, it is worth it. And the audience saw this group of behind-the-scenes footage and learned about the director’s intentions, listened to the director’s “heart words”, and realized that shooting and performing a film is not as simple as overnight. Audiences are paying more attention to this movie on social platforms, and everyone’s interest and discussion are also increasing day by day. At the same time, everyone is also looking forward to seeing director Liu Jing’s wonderful performance on the big screen. I hope to go to the cinema on September 16 to see it A work of conscience.

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