The first appearance of slogans after the overthrow of Xi Jinping… Is your position shaken by the side effects of ‘Zero Corona’?

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The slogan ‘Overthrow Xi Jinping’ appeared for the first time in a student protest against China’s so-called ‘zero corona’ policy.

As the economic situation becomes difficult due to the extreme lockdown, there are also observations that the position of President Xi Jinping, who is insisting on a ‘zero corona’, is shaking.

Correspondent Lee Hae-in from Beijing covered the story.

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Tianjin University campus in China.

Hundreds of students protested in the middle of the night to protest the tightened quarantine policy.

As everyone shouts slogans under one sail, President Xi Jinping’s name appears.

“Overthrow Xi Jinping!”

“Overthrow bureaucracy!”

In the meantime, protests against quarantine have followed, but this is the first time that the slogan ‘Overthrow Xi Jinping’ has appeared.

Slogans criticizing the Chinese authorities continued throughout the protests.

“Overthrow formalism!”

“Overthrow bureaucracy!”

It is known that the protest against quarantine turned into a political demonstration criticizing the power, and the students dispersed only after the police arrived.

It was also reported that the name of Jin Seong, the leader of the peasant rebels at the end of the Qin dynasty, appeared as a slogan in the protests of Beijing Normal University students.

Jin Seung is a person who started an uprising against the emperor’s tyranny, and the students’ protests went to the point of claiming the overthrow of the government.

In addition, there is an analysis of whether President Xi Jinping’s political position may be shaken, as Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang, the second in power in China, pointed out the problem of the ‘Zero Corona’ policy in public, saying “there is a risk that the economy will deviate outside a reasonable range.”

[CCTV 보도(5월 25일)]

“Prime Minister Li Keqiang said that some economic indicators have significantly lowered since March, especially since April, indicating that the difficulties are greater than those of the COVID-19 crisis in 2020.”

Even the prime minister is talking about side effects, but President Xi Jinping does not seem to have any intention of changing the ‘zero corona’ policy.

In the meantime, the quarantine achievements that have been promoted as a matter of fact are returning to the slogan of ‘criticize the government’.

This is Lee Hae-in from MBC News in Beijing.

Video coverage: Farewell (Beijing) / Video editing: Min Kyung-tae / Video source: YouTube (想点就点, YJKZ)

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