The first FritzBox is already getting it: AVM update brings new home office feature

The new laboratory version of the FritzBox 7590 brings a function that can be particularly useful in the home office. This is because a device can be specified in the WLAN network that is prioritized by the FritzBox. Means: If the “line” is used heavily, the set computer, for example, still gets enough bandwidth to continue working, streaming or gaming.

This function is already hidden on other AVM routers. The FritzBox 7590 now also offers the whole thing in Mesh WiFi. If repeaters or access points are also installed in the home network, the set device will continue to be prioritized when switching to another access point. On top of that, the update brings a fax journal that summarizes all sent and received faxes. It is not known when the patch will ultimately appear as the final release version for the FritzBox 7590 or even other routers from AVM.

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