The first post from inside the hospital – 2024-03-08 16:46:51

“Thank you all very much for your interest. I felt a discomfort which fortunately I did not ignore. Everything is fine now! I wish health for everyone”, Vassilis Bispikis wrote in his story.





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Vassilis Bisbikis: Two heart surgeries for the actor – Despina Vandi is by his side [Βίντεο]

In the hospital remains o Vassilis Bispikis after the sudden malaise he felt as a result of which he underwent an operation. Vassilis Bispikis felt chest pain on Monday 4/3, with Despina Vandi to rush him to the hospital in her car. There the doctors deemed it necessary, after the necessary tests on the heart, to enter the operating room.

Immediately after the operation, he was transferred to a single room on the top floor with the singer constantly by his side.

Three days after the first operation for the placement of a stent, a second operation followed and according to the doctors he will not be discharged before Sunday.

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