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Wu Yinong (right) encountered a car accident in Neihu while running the trip, and immediately got out of the car to take care of the injured, and did not leave until the ambulance arrived to take over. (China Times file photo/photo by Zhang Kaiyi)
Facebook users leave a message.  (Figure / screenshot from Facebook)
Facebook users leave a message. (Figure / screenshot from Facebook)

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During the by-election for the legislators in the third constituency district of Taipei City, DPP candidate Wu Yinong finished his trip yesterday (22nd). When he was about to leave in a car, he encountered a car accident involving a motorcycle rider and a pickup truck. Wu Yinong immediately got out of the car to check and knelt on the ground The injured rider was assessed for injury and left after the ambulance arrived at the scene. This picture was exclusively photographed by this newspaper and caused heated discussions, but Wu Yinong’s move did not make netizens “moved”. Does Wu’s action and posture of saving people seem deliberate? The degree of discussion exploded.

In front of the Marriott Hotel in Taipei City, a car accident occurred at 3:00 p.m. on the 22nd. A 30-year-old male rider was injured and fell to the ground. Wu Yinong happened to pass by. He got out of the car to check immediately, and knelt down to check the injuries of the people until the ambulance arrived. before leaving.

Wu Yinong later said in an interview that he took a taxi because the traffic stopped and he saw a car accident ahead and an injured rider at the intersection. Under the circumstances, he got out of the car to check, and his colleagues helped control the traffic flow to ensure that no cars hit him behind him, and he left after the ambulance arrived.

This news triggered a lot of discussion on the Internet, but many people did not praise it, but “felt wrong”. Media person Zhang Yuxuan made up his own idiom, “See Nong Gong Hurting” with bitterness; many netizens also poured into “Zhongshi News Network” and related links on Facebook: “The servants are busy taking pictures, and Nongnong poses?”, ” This routine doesn’t seem to work anymore”, “Look at the posture of the attendants taking out their mobile phones to take pictures in time…”, “Knowing that they will be followed?”, “Is this a coincidence? Ask Master Lai Qingde, Tu Xingzhe… …”, “Change the script”.

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