The former bridesmaid and best friend of Ivanka Trump balances: “It was a hell of a plague!”

Lysandra Ohrstrom, a 38-year-old journalist and editor for The Observer and Huffington Post, claims to be the former “best friend” of the President’s daughter Ivanka Trump. She just wrote a scathing article in Vanity Fair magazine in which she describes Ivanka’s insolent behavior during their teenage years and young adulthood.

Lysandra and Ivanka spent their golden youth at a private school on New York’s Upper East Side. The two teenagers were so close that the day Jared Kushner asked for Ivanka’s hand, Lysandra was chosen to officiate as one of the two bridesmaids. A friendship that ended abruptly the day after the wedding.

Today, the former New Yorker who admits to having voted for Joe Biden in this last election has decided to lift the veil on Ivanka, whom many see one day running for the post of President of the United States.

“Precocious, plague, and obsessed with money”

According to her, Ivanka has always been the biggest fan of her father, Donald. She writes: “Ivanka was charming and precocious as a teenager, which appealed to adults. On the face of it, she was calm and cut off with her father’s rudeness but was, in private, just as obsessed with money and struggled with hide it.”

In high school, Ivanka did not want to read the readings imposed by her school: “Why are you forcing me to read a book about poor people?” she would have already exclaimed.

She also encouraged her classmates to show their breasts at the window to passers-by, and when they were caught red-handed, shirked all responsibility. “She always managed to get by with the teachers. It was a hell of a pestilence”, Lysandra remembers.

One day, the teenager even managed to wear the hat of one of her flatulence on the back of a classmate.

She constantly judged the wealth of the people around her: “Since when can a teacher buy a BMW?”, she wondered. And when the two young women were watching movies together, Ivanka would comment like: “Why does a policeman live in a big house like this? It’s impossible”, she thought.

Meetings with Donald Trump

Lysandra has met Donald Trump several times. She points out that he lacked humor.

“He asked me if Ivanka was the ‘prettiest’ girl in the class and was stunned when I told him she wasn’t, but was probably in the top five,” she remembers.

“Who is prettier than Ivanka?” He asked me very seriously, confusedly, ” remembers the young woman, embarrassed to have answered with honesty.

More embarrassing, Lysandra also remembers Donald Trump congratulating her when she lost weight.

The friendship between the two young New Yorkers broke the day after Ivanka and Jared’s wedding. “I wanted to tell Ivanka about my new job and asked her if she was interested in the topic. She told me that she had something else to think about lately.” Since then, the two young women have lost sight of each other.

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