The French social network Yubo dreams of bigger after confinement

“We are not in competition with the other giant social networks which are centered on the contents and the likes, we want to create friendships online with our own model”, warns Sacha Lazimi, the lucid boss of Yubo.

The story of his start-up, however, has all the beginnings of a success story that Silicon Valley loves. Founded in London in 2015 by three friends (Sacha Lazimi, Jérémy Aouate and Arthur Patora), Yubo did not seek to impose its social network model in France but directly on the English-speaking hunting grounds of Facebook, Snapchat and others. TikTok.

That’s why, five years later, the live video chat platform has half of its 40 million users in the United States. In France, 2 million members aged 16 to 20 discuss in groups on this mobile application. Not yet enough to be known to the general public here.

The makers of Candy Crush believe it

This intuition is paying off today with a new round of financing announced on Wednesday which injects € 40 million into the cogs of a young growth relocated from in the heart of Paris. By the way, attracting the investments of the Swedish fund Sweet Capital, the financial arm of the founders of Kings (Candy Crush…).

Consequent for a French start-up, especially in the midst of a health and economic crisis, this lifting crowns a year when “confinement has accelerated the engagement of young people on the platform because they did not have classes as usual”.

“Our concept of online socialization was a good way to find the same interactions as in life on a platform that does not hesitate to verify the age of its members”, assures Sacha Lazimi.

Reinforce moderation

“This resulted in strong growth and many Californian investors contacted me but we preferred to continue with our historical partners,” he recalls.

Yubo has nonetheless integrated the historic American investor Jerry Murdock as administrator in order to advise him on a new adventure: the conquest of Japanese, South Korean or Taiwanese “millennials”.

This financial windfall will also be used to multiply by 10 the current teams of 32 people and above all to increase the number of moderators tenfold, the real added value of a social network capable of cleaning up.

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