The Future of Haircutting: A Robot Revolutionizing the Salon Industry

2023-08-22 04:51:55

Today, in any field, excellence in technology is at the forefront. A situation where the role of humans is decreasing and the role of machines is increasing.

However, there is still no reliance on machines for some occupations and uses. Salon is one such area. Even there, many new systems and machines have come up for many uses, but the most important work, hair cutting, is done by humans.

But now a scientist has sought the help of technology for this too. Shane Wigton, an engineer from America, has come to such a discovery. A robot to cut hair. This is his discovery. Shane’s video showing how this robot cuts hair is now viral.

It has a special seat for the person who is going to get a haircut. All the rest of the body will be like inside a box. Only the head is out. Here you can see the machine with scissors attached.

The video doesn’t show how to set the speed of the machine, or how much hair to cut in which style. The video shows the machine spinning around Shane’s head and cutting his hair. Shane often has a scared look on his face while the machine is cutting his hair.

Everyone who has seen the video says in the comments that anyone who has seen the video will be scared when a machine is turned on near the head with a sharp weapon. There are many commenters who say that even a small mistake can cause serious injury to the head or face – it is such a risk. Regardless, Shane’s discovery has garnered widespread attention.

Shane himself first shared the video through his YouTube channel. Later, its clips went viral on social media.

Watch the video…

Getting a robot to cut your hair
by u/MrJasonMason in Damnthatsinteresting

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