The Future of OM: Rumors of a Saudi Takeover and Zidane’s Potential Role

2023-10-02 07:15:00

Hungry for sport, he grew up to the sound of Formula 1 engines and the exploits of Ronaldinho. Today, with a Master’s degree in sports journalism, he no longer misses an F1 Grand Prix or a PSG match, his two passions and specialties.

For several months, rumors surrounding the sale of OM have multiplied. Even recently, information circulated concerning the takeover of the club by Saudi Arabia. A colossal project involving Zinedine Zidane has even been announced, but Frank McCourt does not seem very keen on the idea of ​​selling the Marseille club, for the moment.

This is probably the soap opera that has returned most regularly in recent years in Ligue 1. The sale ofABOUT indeed arouses many fantasies, reinforced a few days ago by information from France Bleu Provence, which assures that Saudi Arabia was planning a project in Marseille carried by Zinedine Zidane, with €300M to invest in the transfer window. But Bastien Borie, correspondent in Dubai, is much less affirmative.

“The Saudis follow the evolution of many football clubs in Europe”

“The Saudis are following the evolution of many football clubs in Europe and elsewhere which are among potential targets for possible investments in the future,” he explains firstly at the microphone of i24NEWS, before ‘mention the case more precisely on the case of theABOUT Or Frank McCourt makes resistance.

“McCourt is not about to give up his case immediately”

“We have already said it, the big European teams which are owned by the Emiratis or the Qataris, these are values ​​which increase by 10 to 15% each year, so the Saudis legitimately want to break through too. They already own three clubs (Newcastle, Sheffield and Almeria). As for Marseille, for the moment the house is owned by an American, Frank McCourt, and he is not about to give up his business any time soon,” adds Bastien Borie.

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