In practice, count on $5000 for an RTX 5000 Ada!

2023-10-02 07:28:24

The latest RTX 5000 Ada from NVIDIA now has a known selling price. The card then appears at 35,999 yuan in China, or a selling price of around $5,000 after conversion. As a reminderthis RTX 5000 Ada is part of the series of graphics cards for professional use equipped with GPU There’s Lovelace.

RTX 5000 Ada: a $5000 one!

Thus, with this 5000 model, we find a card whose positioning is just lower than the big RTX 6000 Ada. This is why we find a card with a GPU embarking 12800 cuda core distributed in 100 of the 144 SMs offered by the GPU AD102. The map also highlights a total of 400 tensor coreas well as a frequency boost of 2.5 GHz. The memory part highlights a total of 32 GB of GDDR6 on a 256-bit memory bus. It will operate at 18 Gbps, contributing to a bandwidth of 578 GB/s.

In broad terms, this is a card whose configuration is straddled between the RTX 4090 (128 SM) and the RTX 4080 (76 SM). However, the card has much more VRAM and different driver support, making it more comfortable on professional software.


For the price, as we told you, it is a card which is currently displayed under the Gigabyte reference at 35,999 yuan on This therefore leaves us with an invoice in dollars amounting to approximately $5000 with current conversion rates. A damn price boosted as the official selling price is $4000 for this model.

Through us, this 5000 model is also available, but it is a merchant from the marketplace from Amazon. In terms of price, you will have to pay a big ticket of more than €6,200 to obtain a model from the PNY catalog.

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