The future of the doctors of Valencia, at stake

Dr. Ana Arbáizar, candidate to preside over ICOMV, together with her candidacy team.

Next Tuesday, January 11, the elections to the Illustrious College of Physicians of Valencia (ICOMV) will be held. Under the brand ‘Real Doctors’ the alternative candidacy headed by the Dr. Ana Arbáizar in order, in his words, to recover the college for doctors in the province and to put a stop to external, political and economic interference, which has weighed down the prestige of the College in recent years.

Arbáizar, with a long professional, teaching and management career, is president of the National Commission for Family and Community Medicine, has coordinated the Attention and Information Service and directed the Primary Care of the Xàtiva-Ontinyent Health Department, and now works as Head of Specialized Training Studies of the Department of Health in the Family and Community Care Unit of Valencia.

In his team he has physicians of recognized prestige who represent all medical specialties, among which are doctors. Antonio Silvestre, Ana María Monzó, José Fco. Doménech, José María Iranzo, José Fco. Pardo, Nohelia Rojas Ferrer, Nacho Manrique, Ana María Peiró, José Marí, Macarena Ramos, Juan Sánchez, Mª Pilar Valero, Antonio Barrasa, Enrique Cuñat, M.ª del Carmen Milián, Alfredo Font, Amparo Navea and Antonio Sánchez.

“Because we are only Real Doctors, we are taking a step forward to propose a change in the ICOMV that allows us to recover the social importance of our professional association, with a program that defends equally all the professionals of Medicine of Valencia, of the public or private sphere, in which there is no room for representatives or practices of pseudosciences ”, he added. Arbaize.

Among the proposals with which this candidacy is presented to the College of Physicians, are the ex officio appearance of the ICOMV as a private prosecution in all cases of assaults on doctors, the eradication of pseudosciences in the medical field, the limitation of mandates of the board of 8-year government and the implementation of telematic voting.

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