The Future of the French Community: Negotiations, Defense of Francophones, and Abortion Laws

2023-09-27 06:46:00

On September 27, the celebration of the French Community, the question of the importance of the latter worries DéFi. Is the future of this Community in danger? “The presidents of PS, ECOLO and MR are currently negotiating a regionalization of skills allocated to the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, such as youth aid,” explains the MP.

Then the debate turned to the defense of Francophones, whether they live in Brussels or outside. Is the fight more important than ever? “It’s a necessity, I see it every day because I live in Rhode-Saint-Genèse. Flemish nationalism feeds on the renunciations of French-speaking parties.” And despite a sixth state reform, the situation is only getting worse according to Sophie Rohonyi. “What is its result? An institutional lasagna that caused us to lose lives during the Covid period.”

To conclude this interview, Maxime Binet returned to the legal text regarding abortion. According to the federal MP, it is essential that this law be reviewed. “It must ! starts the woman of DéFi, the current law provides for a prison sentence, in theory, if you abort beyond twelve weeks. Unfortunately Vivaldi was founded on a total error, which establishes that this law can only be passed if agreement is obtained in all seven parties. But from the start, the CD&V has blocked the subject in this file.”

“The CD&V has a carpetbagger attitude on abortion which is totally unworthy”

As the elections approach, Sophie Rohonyi hopes that the progressive French-speaking parties will support this text to the end. “At some point, we must put an end to this democratic hold-up and this haggling over women’s rights. It’s totally outrageous.”

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