Technology The Galaxy S20 Ultra uses the world's first Nonacell...

The Galaxy S20 Ultra uses the world’s first Nonacell technology


Users love to take pictures and document the best moments permanently, so a company created Samsung Electronics, The company The world leader in technology, with the Galaxy S20 Ultra equipped with Samsung ISOCELL Bright HM1 technology, the new generation of 108-megapixel image sensor.

And with the development of phone cameras, some people still demand and expect more options and features to photograph in difficult environmental conditions, such as intense sunlight or complete darkness, and thanks to a set of light improvement technologies that extend from Nonacell and Smart-ISO to HDR in real time, ISOCELL Bright feature HM1 in the Galaxy S20 Ultra has brighter and detailed images of 108 megapixels, and 8k video presentations, at 24 frames per second, even under extreme lighting conditions.

ISOCELL Bright HM1 measures 1 / 1.33 inches with 108 million pixels, featuring the latest sector-level Nonacell technology, which provides brighter images in low-light conditions.

In 2017, Samsung introduced Tetra Cell, the technology of combining adjacent pixels into one pixel, as the technology collects pixels from a 2 x 2 matrix of adjacent pixels and merges them to work as one large pixel.

Nonacell is an enhanced version of Tetracell with a triple pixel structure, and for HM1, Nonacell combines nine contiguous pixels of 0.8 μm to simulate 2.4 μm large pixels, more than twice the Tetracell’s absorption of light.

As the number of adjacent cells increases, color overlap also increases, making pixel aggregation techniques more difficult, and while these difficulties have contributed to Nanocell scaling, HM1 has been able to achieve the method by adopting Samsung ISOCELL Plus technology, which greatly reduces noise In the photos besides reducing vision loss and light reflection.

For great results under any lighting condition, HM1 includes additional features that Nonacell enhances with many other advanced pixel technologies. For example, Smart-ISO technology in HM1 produces vivid and vivid images by adhering to the distinctive ISO standards intelligently, and these standards are used Superior when using darker image settings, while lower ISO standards are better for bright environments The most to control the saturation of light.

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For a blurring and challenging lighting environment when capturing images, HM1’s built-in HDR technology instantly improves exposure, producing more natural video presentations and still images.

By setting longer and more convenient intervals for each pixel, HM1 can capture scenes in multiple exposures simultaneously, creating real-time HDR images for both preview and image capture modes.

For even clearer results, HM1 supports stable image production using EIS and Super-PD electronic stabilization technology, which is an advanced detection technology that delivers fast and accurate auto focus.

HM1 allows users to preview and capture complete clips and close-up shots with a zoom of up to 3 times, without losing any of the image details, while maintaining its quality, and with a resolution of 108 million pixels, the sensor can also produce images up to 3 times 12-megapixel zoom without having to No additional accessories.


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