THE GOOD SOUL IN THE BACKGROUND Club legend celebrated on vacation

2023-07-09 22:04:00

Franz Spatzenegger has been a member of FC Munderfing for 40 years. The 49-year-old was a player and chairman and is still the sporting director of his home club. In 2010, after the top scorer, who scored 150 goals in his career, took over his parents’ business, he stepped down a little but remained the sporting director. “Since FC Munderfing had a great team on the board and the tasks were divided, I continued,” says Spatzenegger. He passed his passion on to his three sons, who also play football. “Tobias was now part of the championship team.” The avid mountain biker and hunter, who was enjoying his vacation in Dubai when his FCM fixed promotion, is now a functionary in the Landesliga, where the club last played eleven years ago. “Of course, money plays a much bigger role today. That makes it difficult for clubs that don’t want to go along with it,” says Munderfinger, who criticizes the mentality of some young players: “When I was nominated for the bench as a young boy, it was That’s an honor for me. Today, many prefer to play in 1b.”


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