The Goya itself was for “Estefanííía!”

There is no Mediaset reality that resists going through the set of the debate. The contestants (worth the redundancy) compete, while their relatives, friends and enemies analyze their comings and goings in the house or the island in turn. “The island of temptations” seemed to break this dynamic, but no. Mediaset could not afford not to play this trick. The participants of the new success lived their experience with no one to judge them. At least not at the moment. Now, nine months after their paradise getaway, they faced reality, live and on Telecinco.

As Ruben Ventureira already said, in order to understand “The island of temptations” it is advisable to have completed at least up to third of “Back to the future” or, failing that, until Tarantino’s second (“Reservoir dogs” + “Pulp Fiction”) or first of «The Ministry of Time». The Mediaset program has kept three timelines open: the distant past, the one in which they were on the island; the recent past, December 2019 or the first post exam «The island of temptations»; and the present Finally, after just over a month, these three timelines have merged into one on the set «The debate of temptations».

Of course, the protagonist of Valentine’s night was «Estefanííía!». The Madrilenian sat down in front of Sandra Barneda to play her best role: that of a repentant bride. He cried in front of all of Spain and showed the same arguments as Diane Lane when he “passed” Richard Gere in “Unfaithful.” «I got carried away. I was happy, but I didn’t think of anyone but me. I was not aware of the damage I was doing to the person I love, ”he acknowledged with his eyes full of tears. But the program was not going to allow him to leave rositas. “Have you seen the images?” Barneda asked. “Did not answer. No matter the answer, “The island of temptations” had another compilation of his best moments with Rubén and the worst of Christofer prepared. «I feel ashamed when I see it because I have done a lot of damage to the person who loves me. I haven’t forgiven myself yet, ”he said.

Gonzalo, the true spite
It was clear that “The island of temptations” was going to send a love triangle in front, but what we didn’t know is that the third person was going to be Gonzalo. Susana’s ex-boyfriend reappeared on the set, despite not having wanted to participate in “The Island Six Months Later.” “I’m broken,” said the contestant, who seemed to have gone to the debate to discuss his breakup. However, Gonzalo showed himself as the enemy to beat Fani. He interrupted him to tell him he didn’t believe her until Sandra Barneda kicked him off the set. «I will invite you to leave during the interview. Then I will ask you again, ”he said.

Gonzalo was a “pillar inside the island” for Christofer. He tried to be out of it, but he failed. The former big brother excused himself in his values ​​to say that he neither understands nor shares that Christofer has returned with Fani. «I would have liked that relationship we had on the island, but there are certain things that don’t … Just like he says his values ​​are his values. There are things that I cannot allow, ”said Chris on a telephone connection. «Sorry if something bothered you. But I want you to know that I will never let you down. Of course, while you are with this girl we are not going to talk, ”replied the Cadiz.

Rubén, a true professional
While Gonzalo and Christofer proved to be “pure emotion,” Fani calculated the tears she had to shed and when. But his eyes were betrayed again. At the reunion he made it clear that he had feelings for Ruben, “but I didn’t fall in love,” he insisted. Few people believed his words, more or less the same ones who trusted that Ruben had really done what he had felt on the island. “She is a tempter and was going to provoke single women, not to fall in love,” said a tweeter. Amen. The former soccer player learned the script of any romantic comedy that starts with a person trapped in a couple he doesn’t want to be in and embroidered.

Anyway, this affair has been profitable. Fani has stolen the crown from Sofia Suescun and has become the new star of the Mediaset factory. Proof of this is that it is among the contestants of «Survivors 2020». Rubén also has a new contract, but with «Women and Men and Vice versa». “Do you want to be the next tronista?” Nagore Robles asked in front of the debate set. Obviously, the answer was “yes.”

Away from the cameras
Fani takes a step forward, Christofer stays behind. The Chilean gave another interview to «The Island of Temptations», but it was recorded again. The young man wants to get away from the cameras as he did with the funny ones? who came to his place of work to shout that “Estefanííía!” He was sincere, so much that he touched his interviewer, Sandra Barneda. “It is normal for people to be surprised that he is with Fani,” he said bluntly or complex. «But I am the one who suffers and who feels. It is my decision, ”he added.

He related the steps he took to reconcile with her. It was not easy, but it was not something that dilated much over time. «The first thing Fani did when she returned to Madrid was to call me. He called and called. I hung up, but deep down I wanted to catch it. In spite of everything he still loved her, ”he said. «It didn’t take long to pick up the phone. About two days, ”he adds. It was then that he heard the words he expected: “I need to see you.” At first, his answer was a “no,” but he soon agreed.

They met in a bar in Atocha. She, affected, was wearing shorts and a tank top. «It looked like it was shattered. She was embarrassed and regretful. He lived a completely parallel reality. He did not realize the damage he has done to me, ”he said. Since then, there have been many fights, but also many gestures that show his regret. Now, he has four months (if all goes well) to show that he can be isolated from the world and continue to value what he has at home. «I want to give you my full support. I want you to be well and strong. That you fight against wind and tide. Honey, no matter what people say. Stay with our farewell, ”Christofer told a cold and calculating Fani. Very different from what could be seen at the beginning of the program.

Julian looking for his minute of fame
Fani and Chris gave prominence to another of the reality couples: Fiama and Álex. After trying to get attention for much of the night, it now made sense for Julián to appear on the scene. They talked about the supposed assembly. They took out Instagram conversations and Labrador’s name appeared. Alex said again how much he is in love with his new girlfriend. Fiama took her peculiar revenge grabbed by Joy’s muscular arm. There were more shouts, so many that a spectator like the one who writes failed to understand even half of what they said. I assumed they were looking for their minute of glory. They had it, about half past one in the morning. When viewers think more about sleeping than what they are watching. I hope you are very happy, but far from my TV.

In the next chapter…
One night was not enough to analyze everything that happened on «The Island of Temptations». Therefore, there will be more chapters. In the next we will see the most anticipated reunion, the one starring Gonzalo and Susana. The last time they met, at least before the cameras, the winner of “GH 14” recognized that she had not been in love with her partner for six years, since they met at the house of Guadalix de la Sierra. The relationship began with the spectators and ended in front of them. We may also see Andrea and her new love, Oscar. Or that we know more details about José and Adelina’s wedding. We will have to wait until next Tuesday. .

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