The grandfather of Lucio Dupuy and Juan Carlos Blumberg accompanied the parents of Fernando Báez Sosa

Axel Blumberg’s father Juan Carlos Blumberg, and the grandfather of Lucio Dupuy, Ramon Dupuythey approached the courts of Dolores, as well as the Mothers of Pain and other groups of relatives of victims of different crimes, to accompany the family of Fernando Báez Sosa.

As the time for resolution of the sentences for the crime of Fernando approached, Graciela Sosa -mother of the murdered young man- and Ramón Dupuy -grandfather of the boy murdered by his mother and his girlfriend- they hugged each other tight; a symptom of support and accompaniment in pain.

Fernando Baez Sosa Case | Thomsen, Comelli, Benicelli and Cyrus and Luciano Pertossi were sentenced to life imprisonment

Ramón Dupuy accompanied Fernando’s family

This Monday, the 6th at noon, the Criminal Court No. 1 Dolores sentenced Maxim ThomsenCiro Pertossi, Enzo Comelli, Matías Benicelli and Luciano Pertossi as co-perpetrators of aggravated homicide due to treachery and premeditated competition of two or more people, for which they were responsible life imprisonment. Ayrton Viollaz, Blas Cinalli and Lucas Pertossi were sentenced as secondary participants in the same crime to 15 years in prison.

We came to accompany Fernando’s parents as we promised last year in Congress, that justice be done for Fernando because he is also an innocent boy,” Dupuy said before entering the room.

Fernando Burlando is dissatisfied with the sentence of the rugbiers and will appeal: “It was a weak justice”

“Fuerza papis”, the message of support from Lucio Dupuy’s father

Christian Dupuyfather of Lucio, the child murdered by his mother Magdalena Espósito Valenti and her partner, Abigail Páez, traveled to Dolores with his father, Ramon Dupuy in support of the family Fernando Baez Sosa.

Grandfather and Father of Lucio Dupuy with the parents of Fernando Báez Sosa
From left to right: Ramón Dupuy, Graciela Sosa, Christian Dupuy and Silvino Báez.

On his Facebook account, he posted an image and added: “Strength daddies.”

The sentence was handed down with a packed room

In addition to the defendants, separated from the rest of those present by a police cordon, they were on one side the relatives of the defendants and of the other the Burlando team and relatives and friends of Graciela and SilvinoFernando’s parents.

In the room were the parents of Enzo Comelli, Marcelo Comelli and María Alejandra Guillén; Marcos Pertossi, father of Lucas; María Paula Cinalli, mother of Blas Cinalli; Rosalía Zárate, mother of Máximo Thomsen along with her brother, Francisco. Also María Elena Cinalli and Mauro Pertossi, parents of Luciano and Ciro Pertossi; Matías Benicelli’s parents, Mónica Ester Zárate and Héctor Benicelli; the parents of Ayrton Viollaz, Sergio Viollaz and Erica Edith Pizzatti. They arrived after Hugo Tomei and Emilia Pertossi.

Also present during the reading of the verdict were Tomas D’Alessandro and Juan Manuel Pereyra Rozas, two friends of the victim who testified as witnesses in the first hearings.

Máximo Thomsen’s mother attacked journalists: “Three years banning these sons of p…”

support on the street

Before noon, relatives of victims of the organizations approached the vicinity of the court. Killing Hurts and Relatives of Victims Active in the Struggle with a flag that says “Justice for Fernando”.

Alejandra and Oscar Rossi, Julieta Rossi’s parents, also came Fernando’s girlfriend at the time of the crime. “They are part of our family. We constantly talk to each other. We would never leave them alone,” they said about Silvino and Graciela.


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