“The guy is rude…”: Piqué got hives after a video where he allegedly appears challenging his children

Controversy generated in the last hours a video that began to go viral on social networks, in which it was recorded last Sunday in the final of the King League.

In the images, Gerard Piqué and his children Milan and Sacha appear, the fruits of his media relationship with Shakira. As can be seen, at one point the former Barcelona defender begins to yell at the little ones.

Despite the fact that it is not possible to hear what he was saying to them, his body gestures reveal a supposed challenge to his offspring, an issue that some fans in the cyber world did not like at all.

In fact, there were not a few who cried out loud and condemned the situation. Others, meanwhile, defended Piqué for “educating” minors.

“Always using your children for the show”, “that educates them is fine, nobody knows what he was saying to them”, “the guy is rude to his children, take him to the psychiatrist before he hurts them”, “what a disgusting father” and “nothing can be expected from this rubbish”, were some of the comments that appeared on the web.

The controversial record

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