The guys confused the ZAZ-966 with a BMW and created a real “legend”: everything with their own hands

2024-01-16 04:03:51

Tuners showed a mixture of ZAZ-966 “Zaporozhets” with the legendary BMW

ZAZ-966 was one of the most popular cars in the USSR. Today, such retro cars are very rare. However, some enthusiasts carry out deep tuning of them, creating unique projects. Let’s talk about one of them, where Zaporozhets unexpectedly teamed up with the legendary BMW.

The famous tuning studio “Made in the Garage”, specializing in the creation of exclusive cars, took on the implementation of the bold idea. They had to combine the simple Soviet “Zaporozhets” and the iconic BMW E21, considered the progenitor of the famous “troika”. And it was decided to borrow the M50B20 engine from the later BMW E34 model.

The implementation of such an ambitious project required painstaking work. The entire body of the BMW E21 was dismantled, leaving only the original German chassis. The top of the body of the Zaporozhets was carefully disconnected and removed, leaving the frame. It was then installed on the BMW chassis and everything was carefully adjusted, securely connected by welding.

The BMW E34 engine fit into its assigned place without any problems. The exhaust system was almost completely rebuilt, leaving only the stock manifold. The cooling system elements were partially taken from various BMWs, the fans were taken from Chevrolet Niva.

The hybrid braking system deserves special attention: front calipers and discs from BMW, rear from Skoda Octavia RS. To improve handling, a progressive suspension from the BMW E60 was installed.

The interior features modern aluminum panels, Bimarco sports seats and reliable Sparco belts, emphasizing the racing spirit of the car. Thanks to the enthusiasm and skill of the tuners, Zaporozhets has turned into a unique hybrid with BMW elements, combining eras and styles. This bold project proves that nothing is impossible for true tuning connoisseurs. Such an exclusive car will decorate any exhibition and embody creative ideas. (photo:

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