The historical picture of the Three Musketeers in epidemic prevention exposed You Shuhui’s 12-character sour: the one who laughs at the end is the one who wins-Politics-China Times News

The command center commander Chen Shizhong (from left), the deputy commander Chen Zongyan, and the deputy head of the medical emergency team Wang Bisheng held a press conference on the epidemic in the command center. (Provided by the Central Epidemic Command Center / Central News Agency)

The historical screen of the Three Musketeers of Epidemic Prevention exposed You Shuhui’s 12-character sour: the one who laughs last is the winner (the source of the video is Youtube, please forgive me if it is deleted)

Chen Zongyan, former spokesman of the Executive Yuan, was accused of drinking flower wine, accepting sexual entertainment, and involving Guan Yu in the past. After the news was exposed, he quickly resigned from office. KMT Taipei City Councilor You Shuhui dug up the historical picture of the “Three Musketeers of Epidemic Prevention” on the same stage, and commented on them in 12 characters, lamenting that “the sea water has faded and I found that I have no pants.”

You Shuhui posted a historical picture on Facebook yesterday (18th). I saw Chen Shizhong, the commander of the command center at the time, Chen Zongyan, the deputy commander, and Wang Bisheng, the deputy leader of the medical emergency team, were holding a press conference on the epidemic in the command center. You Bing commented in 12 characters, saying “drinking and singing, hooking three and showing six, and a family relationship in the park”.

“The upper beam is not straight and the lower beam is crooked, and the sea water has faded to find that there are no pants!” You Shuhui said bitterly. The common point of these three people is that “they all made the mistake of improper connection between people”, but the difference is “the last laugh Only those who can win are called victory”, “The politicians of the Democratic Progressive Party… alas… the officials are corrupt.”

Chen Zongyan was exposed recently. During his tenure in the Tainan City Government 11 years ago, he had a close relationship with the hotel industry. The acceptance of sexual entertainment also involved Guan Shuo. Within a few hours, he quickly resigned from the post of spokesman for the Executive Yuan.

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