The humanitarian situation in Ukraine is deteriorating and becoming catastrophic

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced, on Saturday, that the humanitarian situation is deteriorating in Ukraine, which is facing an attack by Russian forces, and that it is “catastrophic” in some cities.

“Unfortunately, the situation in Ukraine continues to deteriorate rapidly, and in some cities it has taken on catastrophic proportions,” Russian news agencies quoted General Mikhail Mezintsev as saying.

Russian soldiers opened fire on a group of women and children while they were being evacuated from a village near Kyiv, killing seven, including a child, according to the Ukrainian intelligence service, on Saturday, noting that the attack took place on Friday.

“During an attempt to evacuate from the village of Beremoja…through an agreed green corridor, the occupiers opened fire on a row of civilians, which included only women and children. Seven people were killed as a result of this barbaric act, including a child,” the Ukrainian Defense Intelligence Service reported on Facebook.
For his part, Enrique Mora, Deputy Secretary-General of the European External Action Service, said on Saturday that there is an urgent need for humanitarian corridors and an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine.

Mora added on his Twitter account that he discussed the situation in Ukraine with Sohail Mahmood, Undersecretary of the Pakistani Foreign Ministry, noting that he explained how this “unacceptable violation” of the UN Charter was met with severe sanctions by the European Union and its other partners.

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