The Impact of Saudi Arabia’s Financial Power on the English Premier League: Pep Guardiola’s Warning

2023-07-29 17:46:07

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola warned, on Saturday, that the money spent by Saudi Arabia could end the English Premier League’s dominance in the global transfer market.

The newspaper reportedThe AthleticThe British said that Guardiola believes that the Saudi League has become a competitor to the English Premier League on a financial level.

The newspaper quoted the famous Spanish coach as saying, “It is not about the threat, but rather the reality of the situation now.”

He added that the Saudis want to “create a strong league and so far they are able to do it.”

And the coach, nicknamed the Philosopher, continued, “The English Premier League spent more than others because its organization is better, and television broadcasts and sponsors are greater compared to other leagues, so this matter allowed clubs to spend their money.”

He pointed out that “Saudi Arabia changed the shape of the transfer market. Several months ago, Cristiano Ronaldo was the only one who moved, and no one imagined that this number of prominent players would leave to Saudi Arabia.”

And he believed that “more players will move to the Saudi League in the future, and this is what the rest of the clubs must realize.”

Guardiola’s comments came against the background of a question about the transfer of Algerian star Riyad Mahrez to Saudi Arabia’s Al-Ahly from Manchester City.

Guardiola said, “Riyadh received an imaginary offer, and for this reason we could not ask him to reject it.”

Media estimated the deal at 35 million euros ($38.55 million) plus five million bonuses.

The Saudi League has become attractive to many players since Ronaldo moved to Al-Nasr last January, as Karim Benzema, the Golden Ball winner, joined Al-Ittihad, the league champion, and Jordan Henderson, captain of Liverpool, agreed, in addition to other prominent players.

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