The imperfect ending of an inspirational story? “Little Glove” Gary Payton II was fouled by a malicious foul and may be reimbursed for a fractured left elbow-NBA-Basketball

Despite the baptism of the first controversial verdict, the Warriors and Grizzlies’ Game2 was not more peaceful.

The verdicts that make fans full of doubts still exist, and trash talk and conflicts are just commonplace. But with another player falling to the ground once more, it seems that everything can no longer be easily carried through with “playoff intensity” – at least for the Payton family, they will have a very difficult night.

Gary Payton II was fouled by Dillon Brooks from behind during the fast break, lost his balance in the air and fell to the ground. The initial diagnosis was a fracture of his left elbow, and the possibility of season reimbursement is extremely high.

Not only GP2 was injured, Draymond Green was also elbowed during the scrimmage.In less than 5 minutes of the game, the Warriors are hereAt least two players were injured

Payton’s injury is obviously more serious. After being fouled, he immediately fell to the ground, clutching his elbows and screaming, and he might feel severe pain through the screen. Dillon Brooks, who is also a defensive star, was ejected, and GP2 was temporarily unable to play, and both were injured.

The lack of height must be made up by hard work. The recent performance of “Little Gloves” GP2 is the best explanation, allowing the Warriors to repeatedly avoid danger in the playoffs and successfully overcome the unsolvable attacks of Nikola Jokic and Ja Morant. Now that the bad news of the injury is reported, it is a bad situation that everyone does not want to see. Head coach Steve Kerr is even more angry at this, and he strongly expressed his anger and dissatisfaction during the interview.

“It’s not a ‘body bump’ anymore, it’s a ‘dirty’ move,” Steve Kerr said, using the word “dirty” to comment on Brooks’ pursuit. Payton was first pulled by Morant, then caught up by Brooks from behind, and a heavy blow to the back of the head knocked him to the ground, unable to get up for a long time.

It wasn’t clear at the time how serious Payton’s injury was, and TNT’s Jared Greenberg was the first to interview Kerr’s opinion. About two hours later, the Warriors lost to the Grizzlies 101-106 to tie the series.

They had a chance to overtake for a time. After successfully defending, Green managed to grab a key rebound and was ready to launch a fast break – but as Morant fell to the ground, the referee blew the whistle once more, and the “99-100” on the scoreboard instantly turned into a bubble. Even the ball critics are quite critical.

Ja Morant scored 47 points, 44 of which came following the GP2 exit. During this playoff round, Payton made 2-of-6 shots while guarding Morant, with a shooting percentage of only 33.3%, with an incidental block.

Many people feel that GP2 is well defended, and the data level is also supported – but it is a pity that the two should not be able to meet once more this playoff. We lost a great matchup and it’s a loss for all the fans, it’s a shame.

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When head coach Steve Kerr spoke once more regarding the events of GP2, his team had been tortured by Morant and the referees. Morant scored 18 points in the final quarter to take away Game 2’s victory.

In order to strengthen Morant’s defense, Kerr started Payton for two consecutive games, hoping that he can replicate the tough performance of the first round to interfere with the Nuggets. However, this alternative “Five Little Deaths” might not last too long, and the experiment may be over.

That’s probably why he can’t hold back his anger at Brooks, keeping it to the max, but it’s regarding to explode.

“When basketball reaches the playoffs, physical contact is indispensable, and everyone has to work hard to fight and compete with their opponents,” Kerr said, agreeing that at this stage, the intensity of the game will inevitably increase.

“But there’s a code in this league, a code that every player has to follow. You’re never putting anyone’s season, career at risk. It’s like throwing someone out of mid-air. down, and knocking it down the head with a stick – and in the end, what we saw was Gary’s broken elbow.”

“This is a good guy who has been working hard every day for the past six years, just to get a place in the league. This year, he fought his life and finally found his place. He should start to shine and usher in life. important moment – but someone just came in and punched him hard in the head.”

“He broke the game and Dillon Brooks crossed the line.”

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