The incredible story of TSMC, this Taiwanese electronic chip giant on which China depends

The futuristic production site of semiconductor manufacturer, TSMC, in Nanjing, mainland China. Credit: FANG DONGXU/FeatureChina/AP

STORY – The semiconductor industry represents both a safeguard and an element of covetousness for Beijing.

The 1is August, while Nancy Pelosi aroused the ire of the Chinese government by landing in Taiwan, Mark Liu, the boss of the global chipmaker giant TSMC sounded a toll-free warning. “No one can control TSMC by force!”, he warned in an interview with CNN. A real warning shot intended to alert the whole world to the consequences that a Chinese invasion would have on its factories, 90% of which are located in Taiwan. The Taiwanese boss does not mince his words: he would prefer to return his industrial facilities “inoperative” rather than leaving them in the hands of the Chinese. Such an eventuality would block the world economy.

The planet depends on its foundries (factories), which manufacture semiconductors the most advanced. They are present in our smartphones, our computers and in all electronic products, ranging from cars to the arms industry. If TSMC’s factories were to shut down, it’s not just…

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