The installation of photovoltaic panels in full boom… Except in Brussels and in the cities

Eric Monami is an energy advisor at Edora, the renewable energy federation. According to him, the photovoltaic is practically the only possible renewable resource in the city because we cannot deploy wind power there for lack of sufficient space. Cities are therefore very dependent on solar energy in the future and should develop this potential which is currently underused.

For this player in the energy sector, there is no doubt: “The public authorities must support community and sharing mechanisms. If the transposition of European directives makes it possible to benefit from support mechanisms for the installation of photovoltaic panels, savings on the electrons that are produced yourself, we are also thinking of substantial savings on the pricing of network costs.In Brussels, you do not pay network costs (roughly 1/3 of our electricity bill) when you produce your own electricity. In principle, self-consumers including people sharing their renewable energy within the same building should not pay network costs. But currently, Wallonia refuses to hear us on this point. “

The sun therefore benefits Belgians very differently from one region to another and the support mechanisms also vary a lot from one region to another. This energy crisis is upsetting our habits. Perhaps it will, finally, accelerate the installation of photovoltaic panels in our cities.

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