The interurban to Neuquén increased and before the end of the month, there will be a second increase

2023-10-03 08:17:00

The intercity ticket from Neuquén to Senillosa, Plottier, Vista Alegre or Arroyito toincreased 21% last week, while it is under analysis a new rise, possibly in stages, of another 20%, It was reported from Transportation of the province.

From Arroyito to Neuquén, the ticket rose to a value of 819.56 pthose. At Centenario it reached 414.84. Until Senillosa has a value of 597.18 and the interurban between Junín and San Martín de los Andes is 678.72. Round trip, obviously, the value is double for those who travel daily for work from the locations located around the metropolis city.

The climbs that They were authorized by Provincial Transportation in September and reached 21%. It was reported that corresponded to the authorized period until August, whichIt included devaluation, increases in inputs and new wage agreements. «A new increase is in the worksunfortunately, related to the inputs and salary agreements that iimpacted the cost of the ticket; We analyze if it will be in stages,” said the provincial director of Transportation of Neuquén, Juan Alberto Ciarrocca.

In August there was an increase of 26% in interurban, while the Neuquén capital ticket, the urban (COLE), exceeded 33% and it was established at 174 weights. Other urban areas, such as Centenario It reached 248.30 pesos and in Cipolletti 161.89 pesos.

In the service of Senillosa to Neuquén, they are counted at about 80 or 90,0000 per months (Ko Ko), while for Centenario, tickets sold exceed 100,000 passengers transported.

Los More expensive tickets were activated between Wednesday and Thursday from last week, according to intercity routes, although They were authorized since September 1, it was indicated.

Ciarrocca said that in the current month, there will be another increase of 20% according to the calculations that have already been made by the cost scheme of interurban buses. «It is tied to the inputs and impacts of wage agreements. We encourage you to obtain subscriptions, by purchasing tickets in quantity on the companies’ cards, 10 to 15% is achieved for advance purchase«, he stated.

He added that «we continue working to sustain the system. Long distance companies are complicated, if you have to look for companies for new routes it is complicated, Plottier had to postpone its tender because there were few bidders,” he described.

He recalled that public services have national subsidies, fuel and non-remunerable contributions from the province, although equally “lThe companies have been hit hard post-pandemic, some have ceased, The service had to be transferred to other companies and in the northern or mountainous area, there are routes that were not restored as they were before,” he stated.

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