The Japan Auto Show opens tomorrow and new EVs will be unveiled one after another

2023-10-25 03:13:51

The picture shows the self-driving EV driverless taxi “Cruise Origin” displayed by Honda. Taken at Tokyo BIG SIGHT in Koto-ku, Tokyo on the morning of October 25th. (Kyodo News)

[Kyodo News, October 25]The “Japan Mobility Show” (formerly the Tokyo Motor Show), an auto show that promotes the latest automotive technology and the future of mobility, will open on the 26th and will be held in advance at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center (Tokyo BIG SIGHT, Koto, Tokyo) on the 25th. District) is disclosed to the media. Domestic and foreign manufacturers such as Toyota Motor are exhibiting new models of pure electric vehicles (EVs), which have been rapidly gaining popularity in recent years. There will also be competition in next-generation technology fields such as flying cars and driverless taxis.

The auto show was originally held every two years, but the last auto show was canceled due to the COVID-19 epidemic. This is the first time in four years. The number of exhibitors, including parts manufacturers and emerging companies, reached a record high of 475.

Toyota’s premium brand “Lexus” will unveil its next-generation EV concept car to be launched on the market in 2026 for the first time in the world.

Honda will showcase the self-driving EV driverless taxi “Cruise Origin” developed jointly with U.S. auto giant General Motors (GM) and others. It is planned to be put into use in parts of central Tokyo in 2026.

Nissan Motor has launched EV SUVs and other models that are designed to be equipped with “all-solid-state batteries” that can improve EV endurance. Among overseas automakers, China’s BYD (BYD), which leads the EV market, will showcase a variety of EVs including compact models.

Outside of the automotive realm, Subaru has unveiled a concept for the company’s first flying car, showing off a model that’s six meters long and four to five meters wide. President Atsushi Osaki revealed that “flight demonstration tests are being actively carried out.” Suzuki displayed a one-fifth size prototype of the “flying car” developed by its partner startup “SkyDrive” (Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture).

The opening ceremony of the auto show will be held on the 26th, and it will be open to the public from October 28th to November 5th. The organizer, Akio Toyoda (Chairman of Toyota), President of the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, strives to attract 1 million visitors. (over)

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