The joint venture of Corporation 319 won a traffic contract worth nearly 400 billion VND in Hai Phong

Hai Phong Traffic Construction Investment Project Management Board has just approved the results of contractor selection for package No. 18 to build a road connecting provincial road 354 to Tien Thanh bridge. This package belongs to the Project to build provincial road 354 in Tien Lang district to National Highway 10 in Vinh Bao district.

Name of joint venture contractor Tan Loc Joint Stock Company – Viet Uc Group Joint Stock Company – Song Hong Joint Stock Company – Corporation 319 Ministry of National Defense. The winning bid value for package No. 18 is 394 billion VND, contract type based on combined price, implementation period of 30 months.

The list of subcontractors of package 18 includes: Ngo Quyen Construction Joint Stock Company, VB Home Housing Development Company Limited, Bao Viet Insurance Corporation – Bao Viet Dinh Vu Company.


According to PV Dan Viet’s research, Tan Loc Construction Joint Stock Company was established in October 2010 in Hai An district, Hai Phong city. This enterprise has a charter capital of 60 billion VND, including 6 founding shareholders. Among them, the shareholder holding the highest ownership percentage is Director Dinh Van Hoi with more than 54% of shares.

In 2023, this contractor will only participate in bidding packages with the highest value of several tens of billions of VND such as repairing roads to improve quality of use and urban embellishment in some districts; Construction of technical infrastructure for resettlement of 10% land fund under Cai Gia – Cat Ba tourist urban area project, Cat Ba town..

The second enterprise in the joint venture is Viet Uc Group Joint Stock Company, established in 2001 in Thuy Nguyen district, Hai Phong city. Package number 18 is the first package Viet Uc won in 2024. This enterprise also does not have many imprints when it is often chosen to construct and install bidding packages worth several tens of billions of VND.

Song Hong Joint Stock Company was established in 2003 in Le Chan district, Hai Phong city. The 3 founding shareholders of this enterprise include Mr. Van Tran Hoan, 53.5% ownership, shareholder Tran Ngoc Thong holds 7.1% ownership, and shareholder Tran Van Ngoc, holds 7.1% ownership. ownership 10.7%. Bidding data shows that, in addition to the recently won 394 billion VND package, Song Hong Joint Stock Company is also part of the contractor consortium selected to construct package 11/TP2-XL to build 10km of parallel road under the project. Investing in the construction of Ring Road 4 – Capital Region, worth more than 930 billion VND.

The remaining member of the consortium is Corporation 319 of the Ministry of National Defense. This is a familiar contractor in infrastructure packages across the country. From the beginning of 2024 until now, Corporation 319 has won a total of 10 bidding packages, including infrastructure, irrigation, and urban areas. For example, the construction package of a riverside park, ranging from Tan Hoa canal to green land lot CX-17 in Hai Phong, is worth 151 billion VND; Construction package and equipment installation of the North Main Canal and CTTK in Dak Lak, worth 238 billion VND…

Most recently, Corporation 319 of the Ministry of National Defense overcame the Joint Venture of Construction Joint Stock Company 201 – Construction Joint Stock Company 204 and Hai Phong Construction – Transport Joint Stock Company to win the bid for the Park Project. Riverside in the new urban area North of Cam River, Thuy Nguyen district, built with the city budget and included in construction packages with large total investment.

In Hai Phong city, Corporation 319 Ministry of National Defense is the contractor for many construction projects, typically investment projects to build the city’s Political – Administrative Center, transportation system and construction projects. Synchronous technical infrastructure system in North Cam River Urban Area…

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