The Korean group BTS arrives in Girona

About two hundred teenagers had breakfast this morning, popcorn and Pepsi at the Ocine in Girona, Platja d’Aro and Blanes and at the Odeon cinemas. They were waiting for him to start BTS concertthe South Korean group of k-pop composed of seven young people who have become a musical phenomenon internationally. In fact, since its debut in 2013, the band has proven to be unstoppable, and the latest example is this the world event which they have organized this weekend. This is a series of three concerts at the Seoul Olympic Stadium (the first to be held in person after two years of pandemic) that are broadcast live and via satellite to different cinemas around the world so that all their “ARMYS” (name given to the band’s fan group) can enjoy it in the same way.

The more than 9,000 km distance between Girona and Seoul, the eight-hour time difference and the separation of the big screen between the Girona and Korean audiences have not been no impediment to enjoy the concert with the same emotion as if it were face-to-face. “She is OK. The other concerts we had seen on BTS were recorded, but this is the first one we see live, ”he said. Lídia Castro, fourteen years old, who is considered an unconditional ARMY. “Look, I’m wearing theArmy Bomb, a device that makes light and connects with all the people there and makes patterns and changes color as they sing. It’s very cool and it makes everything super magical, “added Castro. And when the lights go out, a dozen lights come on.Army Bombs which added to the hundreds that appear on the big screen, while cries of euphoria flood the room.

Mayka Alvarez17, says that if BTS has managed to become a global phenomenon has been thanks to the message that their songs convey. “At our age, many of us have prejudices and don’t feel good about our bodies, and I think it’s great that a band can convey that we have to feel good about ourselves without thinking about what others will say,” Alvarez confessed. He also shares it Laura Bosch (18), who also points out that “language is no impediment because you can always translate it”.

Caroline Fernandez, manager of Ocine in Girona, points out that “at first we thought the proposal was strange, but on other occasions we saw that it had been very successful”. In fact, the room was packed. “Today we opened our doors with more than 160 tickets sold in pre-sale and I know people who have had to go to Barcelona,” added Fernández. In the case of Rose Gomez, mother of Aina (9) and Clàudia Funes (13), have come from Manlleu to enjoy the concert. “It has a very loyal audience and there are people who come from all over,” says Fernández with an air of satisfaction for the great “success” it has meant.

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