The Lakers are expected to keep Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook is likely to stay with the Lakers.AFP

1. NBA Lakers expected to keep Russell Westbrook

Rumors of Russell Westbrook’s possible departure from the Lakers have been at the center of the discussion at the beginning of last season’s summer break with the Lakers, but according to ESPN’s Mark Stein, the Lakers refused to pay extra assets (Kendrick Nunn, THT, 2027 first round) in exchange for Turtle. , and he was originally expected to execute a contract with an annual salary of 47 million next year.


Ball attention: The threshold for the Lakers to select a coach is to be able to use the turtles. It should be unlikely that they will be sent away during the offseason.

Butler wasn't happy with his G7 performance.AFPButler wasn't happy with his G7 performance.AFP

Butler wasn’t happy with his G7 performance.AFP


2. NBA Jimmy Butler on G7: I played like trash

.The Heat unfortunately lost in Game 7 yesterday. “Master Chief” Jimmy Butler, who missed a three-pointer ahead of the score in 48 minutes, talked about his performance, saying that although he lost, he still has a lot to learn. In this series, two games played like garbage. Although the Master Chief averaged 25.6 points, 7 rebounds and 3.4 assists per game in the Eastern Championship, he himself thought the data was meaningless and he did not do well enough.


Ball concern: As long as Giba is healthy, there is still hope for the Heat!

Jayson Tatum set the record for the youngest.AFPJayson Tatum set the record for the youngest.AFP

Jayson Tatum set the record for the youngest.AFP


3. NBA Jayson Tatum sets record for youngest

. Jayson Tatum, who finally led the team into the championship game, has swept the Nets in the first round and won two consecutive series until the tiebreaker. With Kobe Bryant as his idol, he also played in this year’s playoffs. Reaching a record is a player who scored 400 points, 100 rebounds, 100 assists and 50 three-pointers, reaching this milestone at the age of 24 years and 89 days.


Ball concern: The last four games are left to see if Tatum and the Celtics can pull together.

Camila Giorgi, known as the “Italian Doll”, was found by the presiding judge that the sponsorship logo on her chest was too large.AFP


4. The head judge of the French Tennis Open thinks the Italian doll has too big breasts

.Camila Giorgi, who has a ferocious playing style but is also known as an “Italian doll”, easily defeated the seventh seed Aryna Sabalenka in the round of 32. Although she lost to Daria Kasatkina yesterday, before the round of 32, the presiding judge I felt that the sponsorship logo on Giorgi’s chest was too big, but in the end I agreed with Giorgi to continue the game, but I will report this problem to the conference.


Ball attention: Is big breasts a problem?


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