The Last of Us: teaser shows accident and tension in the 4th episode

The third episode of The Last of Us introduced the characters Bill and Frank, bringing great focus to both as a relationship was sublimely developed. With an exquisite script, the episode moved fans and continued the success of the series, which has been considered the best video game adaptation ever made.

Shortly after the premiere of the episode focused on Bill and Frank, HBO revealed the teaser of what will be seen next Sunday, showing that Joel and Ellie will encounter problems along the way. The audience should expect a tense episode, with good doses of action.

Joel and Ellie face dangers in the fourth episode teaser

The teaser for the fourth episode of The Last of Us indicates that the climate will heat up with the presence of new dangers. While the beginning of the video shows Joel and Ellie in a relaxed moment with a burnt coffee, the situation quickly changes and the characters are placed face to face with a great threat, with an accident being revealed.

Visibly worried, Joel tells the girl that they will both “snap out of it” before hearing a convinced response from the girl. Check out the teaser for the next episode below.

The teaser for the new episode of the adaptation produced by HBO also reveals the presence of Kathleen, played by Melanie Lynskey. The unpublished character was created for the television series, without having any appearance in the games of the franchise.

The Last of Us no HBO Max

With Pedro Pascal in the role of Joel, the adaptation shows the man’s journey to take the young Ellie, played by Bella Ramsey, to the Vagalumes, with the girl being the hope of finding a face for the disease that exterminated humanity, generating violent infected. around the world.

In this link you can check the dates of all episodes, so you don’t miss any premieres on HBO Max.

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