The lineup of physical stores of Shengshi Watch Co., Ltd. has been expanded, and the Panerai Nanjing Central Shopping Center store has opened_TOM News

The autumn wind brings good news, and it will not wait for a long time. Recently, the Panerai brand store of Shengshi Watch Co., Ltd. was opened in the golden shop of Nanjing Central Shopping Mall. Whether it is the store design or the timepiece display, the brand’s unique and impressive charm is everywhere, attracting many watch lovers from Jinling City to come and see the panerai’s palace-level brand style.

The Nanjing Central Shopping Mall, where the Panerai brand has settled, has a long history. It is a powerful alliance between the excellent brand and the excellent shopping mall under the active operation of Shengshi Watch Co., Ltd. Consumers who enter the central shopping mall can see the big “PANERAI” logo on the lintel of the store at a glance. The seven bright uppercase English letters are clear and eye-catching against the black background. The style of the series of watches echoes, so that consumers can associate with the brand series of watches from the store.

The neat storefront is divided into three parts, with a spacious store door in the middle, and two representative timepieces of the Luminor Durr series and the Stealth series are displayed on the left and right sides. Consumers stand in front of the store door and can see the simple and smooth lines and elegant and neat design of Luminodur in the poster on the left; those who like the ocean style will be greeted by the sneak series watch on the right side of the store. The work locks the eye, and the 23 gems on the dial are shining, attracting customers to walk into the store to appreciate the masterpieces of the brand’s timepieces and explore the watch that tugs at the heartstrings.

The lineup of physical stores of Shengshi Watch Co., Ltd. expands again, and the Panerai Nanjing Central Shopping Mall store opens

Stepping into the store, you will be greeted by a large luminous wall clock that showcases Panerai’s unique characteristics. The classic sandwich-type dial structure, hands and hour markers with green fluorescence contrast with the black wall, conveying The characteristics of Panerai brand watches are still clear and easy to read in the dark underwater environment.

The whole store adopts a deep and restrained black and gray tone. In the middle of the gray and white marble floor, the navy blue carpet and seats echo the marine-style design of the store. On the right side of the main showcase, the world-renowned adventurer Mike Horn in the poster is wearing a Panerai watch. His expression is firm and his temperament is free and easy. The experience of being able to get out of the body without the environment ignites the passion of consumers who are eager to explore.

The lineup of physical stores of Shengshi Watch Co., Ltd. expands again, and the Panerai Nanjing Central Shopping Mall store opens

Behind the wall clock wall is a resting space for VIPs, featuring stucco walls with characteristics of Venice, Italy, wall hangings in the shape of diving oxygen cylinders, black marble background walls resembling the deep sea at night, and red corals on metal antique shelves. All elements reflect the strong connection between the brand and the ocean. In such an environment, guests can watch TV for a while, read magazines, and enjoy a glass of their favorite drinks from the mini bar next to them, fully experiencing the exquisite Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship and the exquisite Italian aesthetic space design.

As a luxury brand under the Richemont Group, Panerai has maintained a long-term close cooperative relationship with Shengshi Watch Co., Ltd., and has become an important member of the rich brand matrix of Sheng Shi Watch Group. With the support of a sound omni-channel marketing network and extensive and in-depth store layout, it has made steady progress in China’s high-end watch market and is known and favored by more consumers.

At present, Shengshi Watch Co. has nearly 400 physical stores in more than 120 cities across the country. With close supplier relationships, a rich and diverse brand matrix and excellent store operation efficiency, the annual revenue is about 10 billion yuan, and the annual sales of watches are about 10 billion yuan. The number of watches exceeds 1.6 million, which is in the leading position in the industry. The opening of the Panerai Nanjing Central Shopping Mall store will add color to the strategic layout of the high-end watch stores of Shengshi Watch Co., Ltd., and bring consumers many exciting activities and timepieces.


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