The macabre black hotel in Bogotá where the “Tren de Aragua” gang tortures, murders and traffics drugs

Next to the site known as the Virgen de Patio Bonito is located this center of torture and murder committed by the criminal gang of Venezuelan origin. – Photo Courtesy of the Week

“Several homicides have occurred there. From that place they took Gato and Pitillo, with Guayabita, who appeared dead and tortured in a cart in Bellavista, “says a statement obtained WEEK and that describes what happens in this place of terror commanded by the feared criminal organization from Venezuela, known as the Tren de Aragua. His center of torture, kidnapping, murder and drug trafficking business is the hitherto unknown “Hotel Negro”.

The assassins of the Tren de Aragua, as alias Alfredito, recently captured, lived in the same spaces that they used as a torture room. Witnesses assure that the cries of the victims could be heard even from the street, in broad daylight, nobody was able to say anything. The bodies were taken out at dawn, wrapped in black bags, with packing tape, in a similar way, as if they had a criminal manual. The Prosecutor’s Office has videos that prove the hell hidden in the gloom of the Hotel Negro.

These are two houses that share the same facade and shelter the terrible crimes of the Aragua Train, the feared criminal organization that was born in Venezuela and that has already taken over several towns in Bogotá.

The walls of this den of fear are witnesses, say the informants, of a massacre that slowly becomes invisible in the area. The place has no nomenclature, the tiles where the addresses were taken off. There are four floors of a gloomy black ceramic facade that little by little crumbles. On the first floor, there are the shops that are only open at night. The rest are battered rooms that function as newspapers.

There is no notice or company name, but everyone in the area knows it like this: the Hotel Negro. They know it’s the lair of assassins. Whoever is forced into those buildings, they disappear. There are two ways to get to this torture center: through Ciudad de Cali avenue or 38, a long, congested and dilapidated street; impregnated with commerce, drug trafficking, prostitution, informal vendors, trucks, cars, motorcycles, pedicabs, smoke, dust, garbage, all mixed together.

The testimonials are terrifying. The so-called “borrowed”, criminals from other gangs, are kidnapped and put in the rooms of this hell. They are subjected to videotaped torture by the demons of the Train. In most cases they are murdered and to dispose of the bodies they go to a brutal practice: they dismember them or break their limbs to put them in bagstake them out on pedicabs and dump them like trash on street corners.

Several of the bodies found in bags in the city match the way they are wrapped and tortured. Alias ​​Alfredito, who is in jail and has more than 40 homicides, has trained minors to carry out the crimes. – Photo: courtesy source.

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